Escudo de la República de Colombia Escudo de la República de Colombia

International Statistics Symposium

THE XXX INTERNATIONAL STATISTICS SYMPOSIUM will be held virtually, given the capacity restrictions in venues, established by the Government of Colombia in relation to COVID-19. The Virtual event will be held through the CMT Platform

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The Conference Management Toolkit (CMT) is sponsored by Microsoft Research. The Conference Management Tool (CMT) is a scalable web-based service for managing the workflow of an academic conference. Centrally organize abstract and paper submission, reviews, decision making, camera-ready presentations, and other aspects of conference management. This guide describes the key phases and actions in managing a small conference or workshop, starting from requesting a conference site, through work submissions, peer reviews, decisions and notifications.

The architect of the conference management toolkit is Surajit Chaudhuri, Distinguished Scientist at Microsoft Research, Redmond. The service was first developed for ACM SIGKDD 1999. Since then, it has undergone several major enhancements and extensions and has been used for miles of conferences to date. CMT3 is the latest and most popular version. It is built on the Microsoft Azure platform and fully utilizes the best cloud technologies to provide scalability, availability, and reliability that is unmatched by any other conference management service. HTML5, Bootstrap, and JQuery are used to create a modern and responsive CMT3 web interface.

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