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International Statistics Symposium


The International Statistics Symposium of the National University of Colombia - Bogotá Headquarters, is an event that brings together annually and since 1990 the national statistical community around the area.

This event, has served as a space where the academic and professional community of different disciplines, meets in order to acquire updating of their knowledge in the various branches of statistics, present and discuss statistical problems, both experimental and theoretical research and form work groups or networks that share common interests (inter-institutional agreements, research projects, internships, directions of undergraduate work, etc.).

Annually, the Symposium convenes recognized international academics in the statistical field, who through courses and conferences present their most recent research.

In 1984, several professors from the National University of Colombia conceived the idea of ​​holding a national statistics meeting in order to fill the lack of academic spaces in which statisticians would meet to share their academic and professional experiences and discuss the problems of the development of statistics in the country. This idea was supported by the universities of Medellín and del Valle, institutions in which the Statistics career was offered at that time.

Given this situation, the idea of ​​holding a national event conceived annually was resumed in such a way that each year the meeting revolved around a specific issue of statistics and that the responsibility of its organization was permanently carried out by the Department of Statistics from the National University of Colombia.

Thus was born the Statistics Symposium of the National University, which since 2012 was strengthened as an international event, given the number and quality of experts of world trajectory and that for 29 years has been promoting the meeting of students, professors, professionals , researchers and users of Statistics.

The Symposium has also received support from important universities in the country with whom it has partnered for its development in different cities of the country such as Cartagena, Santa Marta, Cali, Medellín, Sincelejo and Armenia among others. Likewise, the number of attendees at the event has been growing, as well as the number of papers that have been presented over these 28 years.

Experts such as professors Geert Molenberghs, Stuart Hunter, Daniel Peña, Geoff Vining, Mónica Bécue, Pedro Delicado, Víctor Leiva, Pilar Poncela, Julio Singer, Emilio Porcu, Clarice Demetrio, Peter Diggle have been invited as guests in the 28 versions , Raul Macchiavelli, Alan Agresti, Jorge Mateu, Víctor Guerrero, Carmen Batanero, Vicente Nuñez, María Durbán and Dimitrios Stasinopoulus, Up Ghosh, JNK Rao, Dirk Husmeier, Heleno Bolfarine, Timothy Matis, Mark D. Reckase, Cristiano Ferraz, Mauricio Sadinle , Fatma Shebl among others. Some of them sponsored by the ICETEX Fellows Colombia program, who support through their committees the participation of international experts in Colombian events.

Another aspect to highlight are the joint events that have been held with the Symposium such as the Binational Statistics Meeting in 2006, the joint meeting, National University of Colombia - ISBIS (International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics), in the years 2008 and 2015. and the IWAS (International Workshop) of the Santo Tomás University.